30 Gallon Fermentation Starter Kit


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This complete starter kit includes all of the necessary items to start making wine, beer, moonshine, Liquors and more.

Our 30 Gallon Wine & Beer Fermenter Starter Kit includes the following:


 30 gallon Plastic Fermenter 
Made from food-grade, chemical-resistant PP plastic, this fermenting bucket a.k.a. brew bucket is great for 20-30 gallon fermentation or high-foaming mashes.

  • 30 gal fermentation bucket with airlock stores up to 395 lbs. of solids.
  • Quick-lock lid (included) won’t pop open in transit.
  • Two openings to pour and vent: 2″ and 3/4″ diameter.
  • FDA compliant resins.

Fermenter Lid


 Stick-on Thermometer
Because different yeasts require different heats, it’s important to be able to monitor the temperature while fermenting.


This plastic, 3-piece fermentation lock can be used with water to protect your mash from oxygen and infection, or it can be used with activated carbon to reduce the odor from fermentation.


mixing paddle

Wooden Mixing Paddle
This 18″ wooden mixing paddle has a long handle to make it easy to mix in the fermenter.


MzdGNDIzOTU5MzI5Q0NDNzYyQTg6MmUzYWU2NjJkZWRjNDIxZDcxZWM0ODkxMjNkMWVlMTA6Ojo6OjA=High Spirits Turbo 48 Turbo Yeast (6 pre-measured 5 gallon mash packets)

High Spirits Turbo 48 . It will ferment to 14% in as little as 2 days, or up to 18% in 5-7 days at a temperature between 86-100°F. High Spirits yeast is unique in that is it Certified Kosher as well as free of urea, which is a known carcinogen found in some yeast brands.


Hydrometer- 30cm- dual scale- Premium

‘ 30cm (12″)-long laboratory-grade hydrometer is for reading the density of a mash, to confirm that fermentation is complete, or to calculate the alcohol content from the fermentation by taking a reading at both the start and end of fermentation. Our hydrometer has both Specific Gravity Scale and Potential Alcohol scale. 0.980 to 1.170 Specific Gravity reading.


Alcoholmeter- 30cm- Premium
Note: Alcoholmeters are not for use on an un-distilled mash.The  30cm (12″)-long laboratory grade alcoholmeter is for reading the alcohol content in distilled spirits only, for a 0% – 100% abv / 0 – 200 proof reading.