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All of our stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free solder. Each still is leak and pressure tested. Lifetime warranty. Made in the USA

Our kits are perfect for the beginner distiller as well as the experienced craftsman looking to make small batches of high-quality distilled spirits.
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Best Value!
Recommended for the new distilling hobbyist
Distiller's Kits
100s off when buying the full distiller's kit
Our Distiller's Kit includes all the equipment you need to get started distilling spirits. This kit features all of our best upgrades to enable the new distiller to master the craft of distilling. This Kit includes a handcrafted copper still with thermometer, heavy duty drain valve, and EZ clamp cap locking system. Also included in this kit is a perfectly sized thumper, perfectly sized condenser worm with built in proofing parrot, 5500 watt electric upgrade with voltage controller, a hydrometer, an alcoholmeter, a mash transfer pump, wood chips for aging, and enough turbo distiller’s yeast for your first run. All the hardware is included! Additional upgrades are also available.

handcrafted copper still, thumper, and condenser worm

ALL of our most popular upgrades already added

Accessories and fermentation items included to help you master the art of distilling

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Standard Kits
Standard Still Kits Available in 2.5 Gallons - 120 Gallons
Electric upgrades available
Standard Kits
Our standard kits include a handcrafted copper still with our EZ clamp cap locking system, a perfectly sized thumper and a perfectly sized condenser worm. All the hardware connections are also included so no running out to the hardware store.  We offer these kits up to 120 gallons and you can create a variety of spirits including whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and more.

handcrafted copper still, thumper, and condenser worm

Hardware included as shown

Standard kit to start your new hobby in craft distilling

Leak and pressure tested. Made in the USA

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Custom Copper Stills!
We're the industry leader in custom stills hand crafted right here in the USA
No budget too big or too small
Since 2012 Vengeance Stills has been the industry leader in designing and building handcrafted custom copper stills in the USA! All of our products are handcrafted right here in our facility in North Georgia.  We're proud to continue to offer this service to our customers.  Contact us today and let's partner to build your custom copper still to pass down to the next generation of craft distillers.  We're proud to be a part of this continued tradition in the USA!
Custom Stills

No budget too big or too small

Fully customizable

Stainless Badges and Engraving Available

Handcrafted in the USA

Create an heirloom to pass down

We offer a full line of Commercial, Hobby, and Essential Oil Distillation Equipment

Handcrafted right here in the U.S.A.
Call us today for more details

Vengeance Stills offers a full line of commercial distillation equipment. From small test stills, reflux columns, mash tuns, fermenters, to large production stills.
We have a solution to fit your specific needs and your budget.

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Watch Our Video on How to Make Moonshine:

Watch a Video on Assembling Your Copper Still:

Handcrafted Essential Oil Stills made right here in the USA



We take the necessary time to ensure our copper moonshine stills, essential oil stills and copper whiskey stills are the best possible quality, while being produced in a timely matter. No imports here.
All of our stills are made right here in the U.S.A

copper moonshine still whiskey still for sale

Coppers molecular structure is almost designed for distillation.

It bonds with sulfur and keeps the pungent taste out of your end product. Also copper is the 3rd best conductor known to man, behind gold and silver. In no way is stainless better than copper!

copper whiskey still whiskey still for sale moonshine still

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

whiskey stills copper whiskey stills moonshine stills for sale

We also have super fast shipping!


BUY FROM US? Our Copper Stills for Sale are Top Notch!

In the process of distilling, sulfur (which has an extremely foul smell and taste) coming from the fermentation of yeast binds itself to the copper, producing hydrogen-sulfide, which in turn forms copper sulfate. The copper sulfate sticks to the inside of the still after distillation is completed. All of our stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free silver solder. Each still is also leak and pressure tested twice during the building process, to GUARANTEE a safe product so you can learn how to make moonshine at home.
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