The Science

All Copper Distillation Systems are far superior than any other metal.

In the process of distilling, sulfur (which has an extremely foul smell and taste) coming from the fermentation of yeast binds itself to the copper, producing hydrogen-sulfide, which in turn forms copper sulfate. The copper sulfate sticks to the inside of the still after distillation is completed. After a thorough cleaning of the copper still, the copper sulfate is washed down the drain, and not into your whiskey… unlike other stills made from different metals.

Copper is the second most conductive metal known to man, with the only metal ahead of it on this list being silver. Which means it will take and hold heat most effectively and evenly. Saving you resources and time.

Superior Quality

All of our stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free silver solder. Each still is also leak and pressure tested twice during the building process, to GUARANTEE a safe product.

These are quality stills at an unbeatable price. We have the best products on the market without a doubt!
We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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