Returns- returns only accepted 14 days from receipt of shipment as long as they are in the brand new condition. No custom orders (which include welded ferrules, copper thickness that is thicker than our standard 16oz 24 gauge and include but not limited to custom caps), scratch and dent sales or custom engraved stills are eligible for return. If a refund is approved for a scratch and dent purchase, a 25% restocking fee will be applied due to the substantial discount already applied.

Terms- Vengeance stills is not responsible for how our product is used. It is the individuals responsibility to know their state laws and make their own decisions. We do not condone any illegal activity.

Buyer assumes any and all liability. Distilling equipment may not be legal for use in some areas. According to federal rules, stills are legal to be owned if not being used, nor intended to be used, to produce alcohol. In other words, if a still is only being used to filter water or make essential oils and these actions do not involve the distillation of alcohol, a still is legal to own, according to federal rules, and no permits are required. Additionally, distillation equipment can legally be used to distill ethanol if the still operator has a federal fuel alcohol permit. The permit is free, is easy to obtain. Rules on distillation vary from state to state. However, in alignment with federal rules, it is illegal to produce alcohol for consumption or for fuel, on the state level, without proper permits. Make sure to check your state requirements for ownership and operation of distillation equipment before purchasing a still.

For more info visit www.ttb.gov



Vengeance Stills offers a lifetime warranty on our Pots.  If you experience a problem, please contact us for an RMA number.  This number will be associated with the repairs needed and will be handled expeditiously.  Customer assumes shipping charges for covered repairs.  Please note, Vengeance will refuse any package that does not have an RMA number clearly visible on the box. Also any item that is disassembled for attempted repair by anyone other than our technicians, will void the warranty.


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