8″ 3-Piece, 3-plated sectional reflux column with sight glasses


Plated column with sight glasses. Each sectional comes apart using our 8in EZ Clamp system for easy cleaning and assembly. We can also add CIP (clean in place) spray balls for automatic cleaning.

Column Upgrades


MADE IN THE USA right here in our shop, NOT IMPORTED. Flexible 2-piece design, 8″ diameter section contains 3-bubble plates. The dephlegmator attaches using our 8″ EZ Clamp system and can be used with just one section or both. Available with dephlegmator with inlet and outlets for waterflow allowing it to slow the run down and increase proof and purity when desired.

Column made with heavy duty copper and 3.5″ sight glasses. Column and dephlegmator both use our 8″ EZ Clamp system.

We have a variety of adapters to help fit most any still with a 4″ collar and up.

This Reflux Column is can be paired with one of our 4″ or 5″ shotgun condensers or a variety of methods to condense. Call and let’s have a discussion on how we can customize it for your needs.