220 Volt Electric Upgrade for our 20 and 40 Gallon Stills


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Least expensive and easiest way to heat your still is with the 220 volt electric heater.  We custom install our electric upgrade into the still during the build.  This allows for a true plug and run process.  Heats still on a linear scale with no concern of pressure expansion.   We strive to build the very best stills on the market, and with this upgrade, we have achieved our goal.  Well worth it, listed below are a few of the benefits:

1)            No hassle with dealing with temperature controls.  The element heats on a linear scale as the process takes place.  Once the still reaches around 200 degrees on the built in thermometer, simply unplug and your done. Alternatively, You can use an alcohometer and keep testing the proof towards the end of the run. When it reaches a low of around 70 proof, you can unplug it.


2)            This is much more safe.  You won’t run the risk of opening soldered seams and causing fire.  Attached is a picture of the electric upgrade option installed on a 10 gallon still, the same is used on a 5 gallon.


3)            Less expensive.  You won’t need to purchase expensive propane to run for hours during the process.  Nor will you have the issue of propane running out in the middle of the run.


4)            Having the electric keg still heating element upgrade does not prohibit you using a burner if needed.  Simply remove the element and plug the hole with any brass cap from Home Depot or Lowes.