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Copper Proofing Parrot




Really take control of your distilling with our Copper Proofing Parrot. Know your proof in real time, simply insert our Alcoholmeter into the Copper Still Parrot and read your proof instantly. Effective way to separate your heads, hearts and tails to achieve maximum taste.

Arrange the Parrot so that the drip from the condenser can (worm) goes into the large 1″ funnel. The product will flow thru the Parrot yielding the real time proof thus giving precise cuts. Exit tube can be cut to desired size or bent slightly to achieve flow to various collectors.

Parrot Parts are made with the most expensive lead free silver solder, not the cheap soft solder.
The bases are made with thick 20 ounce copper and not a cheap flimsy wood base.

** Uses a 1″ into a 3/8″ copper tubing to yield a flow rate up to 10 gallons per hour.

Copper Still Proofing Parrot comes polished and ready to use. However, to due the very nature of copper, slight tarnishing may occur but can be remedied using a scotch bright pad.



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 13 in