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70 Gallon Hand Crafted Copper Still


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Choose Your Copper Thickness (Please read that page for an explanation)

Heating Options

Choose your piping size *

Piping size is the final reducing size coming off the cap that runs through the thumper and worm. Larger piping offers a faster run and more surface area to pull sulfur out of the product.

10 Gallon Copper Condenser Worm

10 Gallon Copper Thumper (Increase Proof and Purity)

EZ Clamp

3 Piece Stainless system Tig welded to Pot and Cap

Mash Transfer Pump

Don’t forget the Yeast

Test your mash (confirm completion of fermentation or calculate alcohol content of the mash)

Test your end product (Reads alcohol content in distilled spirits only)

Copper Proofing Parrot

Monitor your proof in real-time.

Heavy duty drain valve with T-Handle

11,000 Watt 220 Volt Controller

Complete description found in the Variable Power Controllers Category.

Hardware Connection Kit

Includes 4 compression fittings and 2 pieces of copper tubing to connect the still to the thumper and then the thumper to the worm.


Our 70 Gallon, a must have for the beginner micro distiller!



Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 48 in