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40 Gallon Hand Crafted Copper Still (on sale for February)

$699.00 $599.00

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Choose your copper thickness

Please read this page for explanation.

Heating Options

Copper Condenser Worm

Copper Thumper

EZ Clamp®

Click here for pics and more info.

Mash Transfer Pump

Click here for pics and more info. Can also be used with worm to circulate water.

Don’t Forget the Yeast!

Add Flavor with Toasted Chips

Test Your Mash

Confirm completion of fermentation or calculate alcohol content of the mash

Test your end product

Reads alcohol content in distilled spirits only

Copper Proofing Parrot

Monitor your proof in real-time. Make easy head, heart and tail cuts. Click here for pics and more info.

Heavy Duty Drain Valve w/ T-Handle

Reflux Tower

For high proof runs like Vodka

5500 Watt 220 Volt Controller

Complete description found in the Variable Power Controllers Category.

Hardware Connection Kit

Includes 4 compression fittings and 2 pieces of copper tubing to connect the still to the thumper and then the thumper to the worm.

Product Description

Our Pride and Joy 40 Gallon, a must have for the master distiller!

We build 5,10, 20 and 40 gallon and Larger handmade copper home distillers kits, including worm, thumper and thermometer. All of our stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free Solder. Each still is also leak tested.

These are quality stills at an unbeatable price. We have the best products on the market without a doubt! We also have an electric heating element option. It is cheaper and quicker, more quiet and efficient!

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee


Additional Information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 22 x 48 in

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  1. Brian
    5 out of 5

    Great price and produces a very good product. It came with everything and the quality of the still is exceptional.

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