Moonshine Still – How To Make Moonshine at Home

Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit  – Copper Stills for Sale

Made of 100% copper, this complete 40 Gallon distillers kit is completely handmade. It can carry up to 40 gallons of liquid easily. It comes with everything you need to build a perfect still. You can make so many things on it, ranging from antiseptic, ethanol gas, distilled spirits, alcohol and the list go on. With zero leaks, we ensure to provide you with the best heavy gauge copper kit. Build to last, this is completely lead-free.

Our complete 40 Gallon distillers kit is properly tested before putting it on sale. The kit includes 5”EZ locking system that enables the cap to be sealed, heavy-duty T-handle drain, 550 Watt variable power controller, hydrometer, alcoholmeter, 2.5-gallon copper thumper and condenser with inlet/outlet lines that circulate water and hardware connection kit. Don’t miss to buy this amazing Moonshine distiller kit. Get now!

The Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit: An Exceptional Quality Moonshine Still

For people who are fond of drinking whiskey and who know how to make moonshine, the Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit is an excellent utility. Offered by Vengeance Stills, this fine quality moonshine still lets them prepare their favorite drink right at their home.

The Complete Kit contains a 40 Gallon Hand Crafted Still, Heavy Duty T-Handle Drain, 2.5 Gallon Copper Thumper, 2.5 Gallon Condenser Worm with inlet/outlet lines and other parts. Various extra options like Built with Heavy Duty 20 Oz 22 gauge copper, Upgrading the Worm, Upgrading the Thumper and Custom Engraving are also available. This kit is a great option for people looking for top quality moonshine still for sale.

how to make moonshine at home moonshine stills for sale


Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit

The Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit is the traditional Copper Whiskey pot that is made up of 99% pure copper with the lead-free silver solder. The Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit is also handcrafted with CNC machined precision with the quality inspected multiple times during the extensive building process. The Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit is a sleek and compact stainless steel still designed for alcohol, oil, and water distillation. The Complete 40 Gallon Distiller Kit is very efficient to use for making moonshine at home.

Features of the Copper Moonshine Still:

Complete Kit Includes 40 Gallon Hand Crafted still with the 5″ EZ Clamp locking system. It also allows the cap to be extensively sealed to the pot and without the need for flour-water paste. It is also quite easier to construct the respective process without any messy clean-up afterward. Alcohol distilling has attained popularity as a hobby and for personal consumption purposes. There are many numbers of home distilling kits available, so it is necessary to choose the best among them. The 40 Gallon Distillers Kit consists of the Heavy Duty T-Handle Drain setup, suitable for making moonshine and whiskey at home. Important components of the Distillers Kit include:

  1. 40 Gallon Hand Crafted Still
  2. 5″ EZ Clamp® locking system
  3. Heavy Duty T-Handle Drain
  4. 5500 Watt Variable Power Controller
  5. 2.5 Gallon Copper Thumper
  6. 2.5 Gallon Condenser Worm

Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit includes the lines to connect system along with necessary compression fittings such as

  • Hydrometer
  • Alcoholmeter
  • Hardware Connection Kit

The Mash Transfer Pump in the kit is highly used for the conjunction with the worm for circulating the water to easily improve the condensing efficiency. Dimensions of the Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit are 22 x 22 x 48 in and weigh about 44 lbs. Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit is sturdy and well-built so that it is easy to use. The Complete 40 Gallon Distillers Kit is a reliable and good alcohol distilling kit set suitable for you.

How to use?

–  Take Bag of Toasted Oak Chips

–  1 Cup of Chips per Gallon of Shine

–  Put away sealed container about 90 days

–  Open after 90 days

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