Complete 40 Gallon Wide Body Distillers Kit


This 40 Gallon Wide Body Distiller’s Kit is perfect for the experienced distiller looking to make high-quality distilled spirits. This kit includes all the equipment you need to get started distilling spirits.

Our distiller’s kit features all of our best upgrades to enable the new distiller to master the craft of distilling. This Kit includes a pre-assembled 40 gallon wide body handcrafted copper still with thermometer, heavy duty drain valve, and EZ clamp cap locking system. Also included in this kit is a 5 gallon thumper (fruit port shown optional), a 5 gallon condenser worm with built in proofing parrot, 5500 watt electric upgrade with voltage controller, a hydrometer, an alcoholmeter, a mash transfer pump, wood chips for aging, and enough turbo distiller’s yeast for your first run.

Copper Proofing Parrot —
Our Distiller’s Kits now come with a built in proofing parrot! Monitor your proof in real-time. 

You can distill up to 40 gallons of mash at a time and you can create a variety of spirits including whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, and more. All you’ll need to add is your recipe ingredients. All of our stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free solder. Each still is leak and pressure tested. Made in the USA

Buyer assumes any and all liability. Distilling equipment may not be legal for use in some areas. Make sure to check your state requirements for ownership and operation of distillation equipment before purchasing a still.

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All of our distiller’s kits now come standard with 1/2″ piping. Piping size is the final reducing size coming off the cap that runs through the thumper and worm. Larger piping offers a faster run and more surface area to pull sulfur out of the product.

Upgrade the Worm

This Distiller’s Kit comes standard with a 5 Gallon Copper Condenser Worm

Upgrade the Thumper

This Distiller’s Kit comes standard with a 5 Gallon Copper Thumper

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Everything you need to get started.  This is an assembly of our best upgrades to enable the new distiller to master the art with ease.


Complete 40 Gallon Wide Body Distiller’s Kit Includes:

-40 Gallon Hand Crafted Large Alcohol Still

-EZ Clamp® locking system.  Allows the cap to be sealed to the pot without the need of a flour water paste.  No messy cleanup afterwards

-Heavy Duty T-Handle Drain

-Electric Upgrade includes a built in copper bung housing for the element.

-5500 Watt Voltage Power Controller

-5 Gallon Copper Thumper (fruit port shown optional)

-5 Gallon Condenser Worm with inlet/outlet lines to circulate water

-Includes lines to connect the system and necessary fittings



-Bag of Toasted Oak Chips to age you shine in turning it into Whiskey in 90-days.  1 cup of chips per gallon of shine.  Put away in a sealed container for 90-days, open and enjoy.

-Mash Transfer Pump, also can be used in conjunction with the worm to circulate water to improve condensing efficiency.

-Enough yeast for 40 gallons of mash