At Home Easy Small Batch Whiskey Recipe – Indian Head Corn Meal Whiskey


Ingredients: 3 Lbs of Indian-Head corn meal
1 1/2- lbs dry malt preferably dark (available at most home-brew shops)
1- bag of vstills turbo yeast
4- gallons of spring water

After cleaning the equipment, insert three and a half gallons of water into the carboy and then slowly add the cornmeal allowing it to moisten as it falls to the end and thus avoids caking. Lift the carboy and shake it to ensure a good mix. Then, add the dry malt similar to how you added the cornmeal, slow and steady and then lift the carboy up and shake it again. Warm the half gallon of leftover water on the stove until it’s hot. Turn off the oven and stir in the yeast until it is completely disintegrated. Then add this to the carboy and shake.  After three to seven days, it’s now ready to run off in the still.

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