Good At Home Whiskey Recipe

The ingredients are malt, sugar, Vengeance yeast and rain water. You can purchase malt from any supermarket, if they don’t have it they can often order it for you. The malt is a liquid that comes in a can, the yeast can be bought from us.

With every can of malt you will add five gallons of warm water, dissolve five lbs of sugar and add one cake of yeast. Mix together in a plastic barrel, copper or stainless steel, NEVER use aluminum. Keep it covered with a cheese cloth to keep the pests out. Keep it in a warm place till it ferments. Then you can cook it off in your still and you have the nicest whiskey you have ever tasted.

After you run off the whiskey, it’s clear and looks like water. You can color it by taking dry fruit wood (or maple), burn the fruit wood over a fire till it is black, then dip the burned fruit-wood in your whiskey. In a couple days the whiskey will be the color of whiskey you buy in the store.

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