DIY Essential Oils

Making your own essential oil isn’t as difficult as you may think. You don’t need any fancy essential oil equipment, such as a copper still. Actually, all you need is a crockpot.

The added bonus of DIY essential oil is that it’s much less expensive than purchasing your own. When you purchase from suppliers, you end up having to pay them for the product plus a profit. Keep that profit in your pocket and learn how to make essential oil.

The Difference Between Essential Oil and Infused Oil

There’s a difference between essential oil and infused oil. Infused oils are made with soaked herbs. While this type of oil can be healing, not all herbs will work as well. For example, calendula is a great herb to use for infused oil, but lavender is better as an essential oil.

Essential oils are made with steam. The plant simmers and produces steam. That steam goes through a tube and goes through cold water. The condensation produces a water compound and an oil compound. The water is what lavender oil comes from, the same goes for rose water. The oil is collected from the top of the water.

Now that you know the difference between essential oil and infused oil, let’s get started on what to do when making essential oil at home.

How to Make Essential Oils with a Crock Pot

Essential oil supplies include a crockpot with lid, distilled water, a lot of plant material (let’s say lavender) and some time.

The process isn’t difficult. Please the plant material in the crockpot and cover it with water.

Place the lid on UPSIDE down. Turn the crockpot on to high. When the water becomes hot turn the crockpot to low. Let it simmer for up to 4 hours.

When the plant material is cooked, turn the crockpot off and let it cool. Place the crockpot in the fridge overnight.

The next day, take the crockpot out of the fridge. You will see a think film of oil at the top of it. Guess what? That is how to make lavender oil! You’re not done yet.

Carefully lift the lid but work quickly because it will start to melt and you need to get it in a bottle before it does.

Make sure to put your DIY essential oil in a colored glass container and keep it away from light and heat.

How to Use Your DIY Essential Oil

You can use the DIY essential oil the same way you use the ones you purchase. Be aware the DIY essential oil may not be as strong as the ones you purchase, though. Just use more than you normally would and you’ll achieve the same effect.

Now you know how to make essential oil without essential oil stills. Get started on your DIY essential oil today.