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This is a very interesting argument.  You will find our competitors pitch that 20 oz copper is the only way to go… Claiming that 16 ounce copper burns and dents easily.  These claims are partially true and I’ll address them below.  Just remember everything comes with a cost, 20 oz is more expensive, harder to work and thus comes with a higher cost.

* Purchase our electric upgrade for an additional $79, and end the debate on burning.  Our heater core increases on a linear scale and distillation is complete when the temp reaches near 200 degrees on the built in thermometer.  No burning possible at these temps.

* You might say that power is only sometimes accessible.   No problem, our heater core is removable and with a brass plug found at any hardware store can plug the hole and make it burner ready.

* Let’s say you’re trying to get the most economical version.  Though our standard still is designed to be placed on a burner, You must first lay down a small piece of sheet metal over the burner (diffuser plate), thinner the better.   Lowes or Home Depot sells these pre-cut in 2×2 sheets.  This eliminates flames that can open solder seams causing leaks and produce burning on copper.
Now that we’ve addressed the burning and possible leaking issue, let’s look at denting.

* If you plan on throwing your still in the back of the truck, rolling it around, plowing into it when walking by, or feel that it may take direct contact with moving objects, then……20 ounce copper is for YOU and we understand your lifestyle.

Yes, overall, 20 ounce copper is obviously thicker and feels more durable.  We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we cater to all.

I will make this final remark about 16 oz, since 2012 when our business launched, we have only experienced issues with leaking or burning when the stills were not used properly over a flame.  As far as denting, yes, 20 oz will take a harder impact and based on your usage, may be a better option.

For those wanting a true bullet proof pot that you can almost throw out of an airplane and remain in tact, we do offer heavy 32 oz 19 gauge or even super thick 48 oz 16 gauge thicknesses for every still we build.

Ultimately, as you will discover with some diligent searching, we are offering the best value in the Copper Still industry.  We make vastly different combinations to fit almost any budget and stand behind every one of them with total confidence.
Let us build yours today!!


Chris Purdy

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