VENGEANCE WHISKEY – Easy At Home Whiskey Recipe

10 lbs. Whole kernel corn, untreated
5 Gallons Water
1 Bag Vstills Yeast

For this corn whiskey mash recipe, put corn in a burlap bag and soak with warm water. Put bag in a warm dark area and keep moist for ten days. When the sprouts are about a quarter of an inch″ long the corn is prepared for the next step. Cleanse the corn in a tub of water, cleaning the sprouts and roots off. Transfer the corn into your main fermenter. With a hard object (such as a pole) squash the corn, making sure every kernel is cracked. Then, add 5 gallons of boiling water and when the mash cools put in yeast. Seal fermenter and air with a water sealed vent. Fermentation for this corn moonshine mash takes five to seven days. When fermentation is done, pour into still filtering through a pillowcase to remove solids.


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