Steam Distillers for Essential Oils


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Distilling Essential Oils Takes Expertise and Knowledge! 

Distillation of essential oils is an art and a science! Most of the essential oil distillers use a method for extracting essential oils that use solvents or tend to soak the oil prior to dispensing, but there are also steam distillers for essential oils.

Honestly, like many things in our world, the distillation process can be good for the consumer (ie, median) or not so good, so please take the time to become an educated user of!

What are the methods of extracting essential oils?

There are many different methods for extracting essential oils and a full list and description is provided here. Well, you know what you’re doing with the method of distilling it.

What is steam distillation?

DIY steam distillation can be accomplished in three different ways. They are:

Distillation in Water;

Distillation in Water / Steam; ie

Steam in swivel horse.

What is water distillation?

These methods are when the plant material is placed in boiling water. Steam and hijack oils are then separated to produce the essential oil. Clove essential oil is collected using water distillation.

What is water / steam distillation?

These methods are where steam and water are pushed around and even through plant material. And then the steam and oils are captured and then separated to produce the essential oil. Walnut oil is collected by using the kit’s methods!

What is the method of distillation of rotary horse trip to steam?


Distillation of essential oils using the straight steam method involves pushing the steam through the plant material and then obtaining the essential oil. Lavender essential oil is distilled this way!

How do the methods change?

In all methods, steam is used for rupturing plant oil membranes and releasing essential oil. The steam carries the essential oil to a condenser and then as it re-liquids the lighter essential oil floats on top.

Water and oil are then separated, and water is called hydrosol or hydrolate, or flower or flower water. And the oil of course is the essential oil!