Commercial 8″ Adjustable 3-Plated Column – Plus Dephlegmator – Plus Shotgun Condenser



A New Member to our Commercial Family  

The 8″ Adjustable 3-Plated Column

This adjustable plated column allows the Master Distiller precise flavor control over many Spirits.  Pull the 3 separate levers to engage the huge 1/8″ thick copper plates comprised of 14 Procaps and Downcommers. 

This workhorse can clamp on top of  large stills up 500 gallons with ease. 

The 12″ tall Dephlegmator on top with its 8 flowing water channels allows the Distiller to engage cold water to condensate the distillate;  the resulting effect reduces the vapor particle size thus creating a more pure ethanol.  Features inlet and outlets (tri clamp adapter, NPT, SS304 bungs, etc..) to circulate water.  


Use all three for high proof Shines and Vodkas,  use a couple for lower proof Shines with more flavor or even a Gin Run. A single plate might be all thats needed for Whiskeys,  Tequila or high flavor profile Shines where you want the taste to come all the way thru.  To retain the most flavor albeit with a lower proof,  open up all 3 without the use of the dephlegmator and allow the distillate to crawl thru over 1500 square inches of copper to remove all that Sulphur.  

Now its Time to CONDENSE! 

Turning that tasty vapor back into its liquid form so we can enjoy,  the huge 4 FOOT TALL  4″ in diameter shotgun condenser can easily do the trick.  Utilizing many water jackets inside, the condenser puts the cold water all around the distillate leaving it no choice but to surrender to its flowing nature.  The condenser is feed cold water thru its inlet and returns the hot water thru the outlet.  The hydrology of this beast of a condenser makes for a super efficient flow rating,  ensuring ALL of the distillate condensates and none is lost to the vapor Gods.  Customer choice of fittings (tri clamp adapters, NPT fittings, SS304 bungs, etc)..all tig welded in place to ensure longevity.

We can also install a commercial size proofing parrot to the Distiller can monitor the proof in real-time.


Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 in