1500 Watt Variable Power Controllers for electric Stills and Fermentation Tanks



The V1 1500 Watt Controller by Vengeance Stills is hands down the best value on the market for Variable Power Control. Super easy to use.

For use with Stills up to 10 gallons and Fermentation Tanks up to 55 gallons.

Our Controller allows user to hold temps at predetermined set points or go into manual mode when you’re ready to boil and adjust on the fly.

This unit is also perfect for a fermentation tank.  Set the controller to heat the tank up to 150 degrees and cook your mash for an hour or so, whatever your recipe calls for.  Then, lower the Controller to the temp required for your yeast to ferment.  Simply let it hold the temp there for however many days required.  For instance our Turbo Yeast would require roughly 4-7 days at 90 degrees to achieve 15-20% abv.


The Vengeance V1.5 has enough power to achieve distilling with Pots up to 10 gallons.  Fermentation tanks needed to achieve 150 degrees can be as large as 55 gallons.


Let’s take a look and see what’s included:

Variable Power Controller

Solid State Relay

Waterproof enclosure


1500 watt heating element


*** Please allow up to 7-days to ship as these are hand built here at Vengeance