Vengeance Whiskey

10 lbs. Whole kernel corn, untreated
5 Gallons Water
1 Bag Vstills Yeast

Put corn in a burlap bag and wet with warm water. Place bag in a warm dark place and keep moist for about ten days. When the sprouts are about a 1/4″ long the corn is ready for the next step. Wash the corn in a tub of water, rubbing the sprouts and roots off.. Throw the sprouts and roots away and transfer the corn into your primary fermenter. With a pole or another hard object mash the corn, make sure all kernels are cracked. Next add 5 gallons of boiling water and when the mash cools add yeast. Seal fermenter and vent with a water sealed vent. Fermentation will take 5-7 days. When fermentation is done, pour into still filtering through a pillow case to remove all solids.


The ingredients are malt, sugar, Vengeance yeast and rain water. You can buy the malt from any big supermarket, if they don’t have it they will order it for you. The malt is a liquid and comes in a can, the yeast comes from us.

To every can of malt you will add 5 gallons of warm water, dissolve 5 pounds of sugar and add 1 cake of yeast. Mix all this together in a barrel made of plastic, stainless steel, or copper, under no circumstances use aluminum. Keep it covered with cheese cloth to keep the bugs out. Keep it in a warm place till it ferments. Then you can cook it off in your still and you have the smoothest whiskey you have ever tasted.

After you run off the whiskey, it is clear like water. You can color it by taking a piece of dry fruit wood (or maple), burn the fruit wood over a flame till it is blackened real good, then drop the burned fruit-wood in your clear whiskey. In a few days the whiskey will be the color of store bought whiskey.


7 Lbs. Rye
2 Lbs. Barley
1 Lbs. Malt
6 gallons of water
1 Bag Vstills yeast

Heat water to 70 degrees and then mix in malt and grain. While stirring the mixture slowly heat to 160 degrees (raise temperature 5 degrees every 2 minutes). Keep mixture at 160 degrees stirring constantly for 2-3 hours to convert starch into fermentable sugar and dextrin. Filter off liquid and place into fermentation device and allow to cool to 70- 80 degrees. Immediately pitch with 3 grams of yeast. To avoid secondary fermentation and contamination add 1 gram of ammonium-fluoride. Stir liquid for 1 minute then cover and seal with a airlock. Mash will take 5-7 days to ferment. After fermentation is complete pour into, still filtering through a pillow case to remove all solids.


One quart of corn syrup per 1 1/2 gallons of water and one cup of honey for every ten gallon batch. Starting hydrometer reading of about 60 or 65. Do not exceed 70. Add 2 bags of vstills yeast per 10 gallons of mash. Heat one fourth of your water to 120 or 130 degrees only hot enough to melt the corn syrup, then stir in your syrup and then the honey last. Pour it into your fermenter and finish filling with cool water to cool it down to 80 degrees. Take a hydrometer reading and adjust as needed. Then add your yeast. 5-7 days to ferment.


In making “Mountain Dew” or “White Lightning'” the first step is to convert the starch of the grain into sugar. (Commercial distillers use malt.) This is done by “sprouting” the corn. Shelled, whole corn is covered with warm water in a container with a hole in the bottom. Place a hot cloth over it. Add warm water from time to time as it drains. Keep in a warm place for about 3 days or until corn has 2 inch sprouts. Dry it and grind it into meal. Make mush (or mash) with boiling water. Add rye mash that has been made the same way, if you have it. Yeast (10 bags per 50 gallons of mash) may be added to speed up the fermentation if you have it. Without it, 10 or more days will be required instead of about 5. In either case, it must be kept warm. When the mash gets through “working” or bubbling up and settles down, it is then ready to run. At this stage, the mash has been converted into carbonic acid and alcohol. It is called “wash” or beer and it is sour..


5-gallon bucket of sweet feed (Sweet feed has several different grains and molasses making it a great tasting whiskey.) one package of our yeast # 5 pounds sugar # water Put enough feed to cover bottom of 5 gallon bucket a good 4 inches deep Add 5 pounds of sugar. Fill 1/2 full with boiling water. Mix until sugar is dissolved. Let it set for 90 minutes and then finish filling with cool water.


Ingredients: 3 Lbs of Indian-Head corn meal
1 1/2- lbs dry malt preferably dark (available at most home-brew shops)
1- bag of vstills turbo yeast
4- gallons of spring water

After cleaning the equipment to prep it for use, put 3 1/2 gallons of water into the carboy and then slowly add the cornmeal allowing it to wet as it falls to the bottom and thus avoids caking as much as possible. Carefully lift the carboy and shake it side-to-side to ensure a good mix. Next add the dry malt like you did the cornmeal,slow and steady and then lift the carboy up and shake it again to get a good mix. Warm the 1/2 gallon of leftover water on the stove until it’s just hot to the touch. Turn off the oven and stir in the yeast until it is completely dissolved. Now add this to the carboy and shake well. After 3 to 7 days, it’s now ready to run off in the still.


Fermenter – barrel (55 gals)
Option 1
1/2 bushel (30 lb) Corn Meal
3 & 1/2 lbs malted corn
2 handfuls raw rye to form cap on fermenting mash
Optional – sugar, 40 lbs in 2 lots – 10 lb then 30 lb
1 bag of Vstills Yeast.
Option 2
1 bushel corn meal
1 & 1/2 gal malted corn
Yield –
Pure Corn 1.5 gal/bushel (28 lb)
Corn & Sugar 6 gal/bushel (28 lb)
1 cup of yeast


10 gallons of water
5 Lbs of sugar
3 Lbs of cracked corn
3 Lbs of rye
1 Lb of raisins
2 bags of Vstills yeast
Mix ingredients together and ferment for 5 to 7 days or until the yeast quits working. Strain and distill.

Stonewalls Agave

One 23.5 oz bottle of agave nectar (from the sugar isle at Walmart), to every 3 quarts of water. 2 packets of Vstills Turbo yeast for every ten gallon mix. Ferments for 7 to 14 days and distill.

Stonewalls Honey Shine

One quart of honey per 1 1/2 gallons of water. One 4 oz Package of Turbo yeast per 10 gallons of mash. Ferments for 7 to 14 days and then distill.

for five gallons

1 1/4 large watermelon
10 peaches
1 1/4 cup chopped golden raisins
15 limes (juice only)
25 cups sugar
water to make 5 gallon
1 bag Vengeance yeast

Extract the juice from watermelon and peaches, saving pulp. Boil pulp in five quarts of water for 1/2 hour then strain and add water to extracted juice. Allow to cool to lukewarm then add water to make five gallons total and all other ingredients except yeast to primary fermentation vessel. Cover well with cloth and add yeast after 24 hours. Stir daily for 1 week and strain off raisins. Fit fermentation trap, and set aside for 4 weeks.


32 Lb watermelon
1 1/4 Lb dried elder-berries
water to 5 gallon
juice and zest of 10 lemons
36 cups granulated sugar
1 bag of Vengeance yeast

Cut the rind off of melon, cut melon into one-inch cubes, remove loose seeds, and put melon and any free juice in primary (crock, plastic pail, etc.). Grate the yellow thinly off ten lemons, then juice the lemons and add the juice and zest (gratings) to primary. Add dried elderberries. Add water to make up 5 gallons. Stir in sugar and stir well to dissolve. Cover primary with cloth, wait 12 hours and add yeast. Cover and ferment 5 – 7 days, stirring daily. Strain juice into secondary (demijohn) and fit airlock. Ferment 30 days.


30 Lb watermelon
7-1/2 Lb fresh table red or green grapes
water to 5 gallon
juice and zest of 10 lemons
24 cups granulated sugar
1 bag Vstills yeast

Cut the rind off of melon, cut melon into one-inch cubes, remove loose seeds, and put melon and any free juice in primary (crock, plastic pail, etc.). Thinly grate the yellow off ten lemons, juice the lemons, and add the juice and zest (gratings) to primary. Separately, wash, destem, and crush the grapes well in a bowl. Add grapes and grape juice. Add water to make up 5 gallon. Add sugar and stir well to dissolve. Cover primary with cloth, wait 24 hours. Add yeast. Cover and ferment 5 – 7 days, stirring dairy. Strain juice into secondary (demijohn) and fit airlock. Ferment 30 days.


10 cans (11.5 oz) Welches 100% frozen grape concentrate
7 Lbs granulated sugar
water to make 5 gallons
1 bag of Vengeance yeast

Bring 5 quarts of water to boil and dissolve the sugar in the water. Remove from heat and add frozen concentrate. Add additional water to make five gallons and pour into secondary. Add remaining ingredients except yeast. Cover with cloth fastened with rubber band and set aside 12 hours. after cooling to proper yeast temperature, add activated yeast and recover with cloth. Ferment 30 days..


Heat one gallon of apple juice. Do not exceed 150 degrees.
Add one cup of honey, 2 tsp of cinnamon oil and 2 tsp of nutmeg.
Stir until dissolved.
Let this mixture cool down to room temperature and add one fifth of either rum, vodka of shine. Rum is best.
Put into jars and let set for two weeks.

Roasted Strawberry Infused Moonshine

Place 2 dozen strawberries, quartered, on a sheet tray or a baking sheet.
Sprinkle each piece with a pinch of raw sugar and a small sprig of thyme and a scant touch of lemon zest (optional).
Roast in oven at 450 degrees until strawberries are dark (not burned, soft to the touch) and sugar has melted.
Scrape strawberries into container with 750 ml moonshine, add 1/4 cup raw sugar and let sit for 3 days, shaking/stirring occasionally. Strain and enjoy.

Honey Shine Mash

1 Gallon Honey
1 bag of Vstills Turbo Yeast
1 lb Malted Corn
5 Gallons water
6.5 Gallon Bucket w/lid and airlock
Heat 1/4 of your water to 120-130 degrees, then add and stir Honey until dissolved

Add and stir malted corn

Pour into your bucket (fermenter) and finish filling with remaining cool water.

Allow water to cool to 80 degrees

Take your first reading, the goal is 90, do not exceed 100. Add more corn syrup or water as needed to reach this  goal

Add and stir Yeast

Seal it up and wait 5-7 days before taking your second reading, the goal is 0 or .99. If it’s not there seal it up again and wait until day 14 to check again

Rack it off just in case, then run through your favorite still

Watermelon & Peach Brandy Mash

2 large Watermelons
12 ripe Peaches
2 cups Golden Rasins chopped
15 limes juiced
10 lbs Sugar
1 bag Vstills Yeast
6.5 + Gallon bucket w/lid and airlock

Extract juice from watermelons and peaches, saving pulp

Boil pulp in 5 qts of water for 1/2 hour, strain and combine with extracted juice, cool to luke warm

Add more water to equal 5 Gallons total and all other ingerdients minus the yeats to your fermenter

Cover well with cloth for 24 hours before adding yeast

Stir daily for 1 week, then strain off raisins

Replace cloth with tight fitting lid w/airlock and set aside for 4 weeks

Transfer to distiller and still as usual.

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