Mini Steam Distillation Units for Essential Oils

electronic steam distillation for essential oils


Higher Unity Essential Oil

The Journey to Self-Discovery

The essential oil of the highest unity helps us to connect with our higher mind or Self-God. It supports us in finding our highest truth about ourselves which is the most important thing for us to evolve as human beings.

Do you feel unrelated to your source?

Use this essential oil to help you reconnect with your spiritual truth. Our society is so far removed from the truth of who we are that we use to lead our lives, our businesses and our relationships.

What happened?

We are so trained to use the left side of our brain and do it to literally lose touch with our true sense of self! This is especially true in Western societies where the logical thinking of the left brain is rewarded and the creative emotional work of the right brain is sometimes frustrated.

Read more below in Nan’s interpretation.

This is an easy and fun guide to higher oil unity reference. It will show you how to use your oil mixture and what you can use it for. It will also provide you with some fun tips and recommendations!


As I get new tips and recommendations, they will be added to the site, so check back often!