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Complete 30 Gallon Distillers Kit – Moonshine Stills for Sale

Complete 30 Gallon Distillers Kit

The handcrafted complete 30-gallon distillers kit is the right option for those who are looking to create a unique still for self-use. The unit is completely ready to use and requires no soldering. Just brew! This copper artwork can consume 30 gallons of liquid easily. Made of lead-free solder and heavy gauge copper, this distillers kit lasts for long. The kit is water tested and has no leaks.

The kit involves high-quality parts like worm, cap, thumper, pot and builds with complete safety. It is used for making purified, distilled water, Moonshine and other distilled spirits, Marinade for poultry and meats, Ethanol gas, antiseptic, and much more. This is a complete kit that consists everything requires to build a robust copper still. You can impress your friends by creating this amazing DIY still. Order now!

Complete 30 Gallon Distillers Kit: One of the Best Moonshine Stills for Sale

For moonshine lovers, the Complete 30 Gallon Distillers Kit is a useful and top quality copper still. Offered by Vengeance Stills, a reputed brand, this moonshine still weighs 38 pounds and has dimensions of 24 x 24 x 30 inches.

The Complete Kit contains various useful parts like the 30 Gallon Hand Crafted Still, 2.5 Gallon Copper Thumper, 2.5 Gallon Condenser Worm, 5500 Watt Variable Power Controller and others. It also offers various extra options such as being Built with Heavy Duty 20 Oz 22 gauge copper, Upgrading the Worm, Upgrading the Thumper, Custom Engraving and a 30 Gallon Fermentation Starter Kit. The device will fulfill the needs of those moonshine lovers who are looking for exceptional quality moonshine stills for sale.

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