At Home Easy Moonshine Mash Recipe – Honey Moonshine Recipe


1 Gallon Honey
1 bag of Vstills Turbo Yeast
1 lb Malted Corn
5 Gallons water
6.5 Gallon Bucket w/lid and airlock
Heat 1/4 of your water to 120-130 degrees, then add and stir Honey until dissolved

Add and stir malted corn

Pour into your bucket (fermenter) and finish filling with remaining cool water.

Allow water to cool to 80 degrees

Take your first reading, the goal is 90, do not exceed 100. Add more corn syrup or water as needed to reach this  goal

Add and stir Yeast

Seal it up and wait 5-7 days before taking your second reading, the goal is 0 or .99. If it’s not there seal it up again and wait until day 14 to check again

Rack it off just in case, then run through your favorite still


At Home Easy Moonshine Mash Recipe Honey Shine Mash