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Alcohol Distilling – 8″ 6 plated reflux column – Alcohol Stills

8″ 3-Piece, 6 plated reflux column with dephlegmator


The flute-like unpolished 8” 6 plated reflux column can be easily polished by your own. If you don’t want to polish it, you can use it raw. The working of this column is as same as a Moonshine still. The only difference is – it doesn’t have a polished look. Comes with a sight glass removal tool, this reflux column is ready to attach to your prevailing boiler. The column is used for different liquors like brandy, rum, vodka, whiskey etc. The partial condenser and plates are adjustable and provide a distiller refined control over the aroma, distillate palate, alcohol content, and flavor. This is a top quality alcohol still.  

Made of copper, the 8” 6 plated reflux column features- Fully adjustable bubble plates, thermometer, CIP and sight glass at every plate, schnapps, bubble caps, perforated trays and botanical basket for producing Gin, and adjustable dephlegmator temperature for controlling reflux. Perfect for home distilling.

The dairy grade beverage tubing that is used in breweries and dairies. All the parts are hand-crafted and are tested properly. Because each column, and Moonshine still we create gets complete and careful attention, so you’ll get the right product. The distiller towers are the best-created alcohol distillers and Moonshine still around. The modular design of the column is versatile compared to any other in the same category. If you are seeking a versatile column to produce any kind of liquor, Order8” 6 plated reflux column now! Very top notch distilling equipment.

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Home Distilling Equipment – 5″ Reflux Column with condenser and built in Proofing Parrot

5″ Reflux Column with condenser and built in Proofing Parrot

The 5” reflux column comes with a condenser and a built-in proofing parrot. This flute reflux column has 5 sections with copper bubble plates. It can be used with other alcohol stills as well with 5” wide pot opening. It is used to make high-proof spirits like Whiskey or Vodka. The column comes with a commercial grade face and dephlegmator Liebig condenser. This column can be used as a pot alcohol still and used for a wide assortment of liquor. It is a triple resolve copper column that can be clamped in the removable Gin basket and make high-quality Gin. 

The copper reflux column is welded using top-notch food grade DHP copper rod. This states that it is strong and have solder joints. It is easy to use and a complete DIY process. The boiler/column has mirror polish inside out. It includes tri-clamp connections along with a Gin basket and 3” faces 2 commercial grade thermometers. Copper parrots break is easy to remove.

The reflux alcohol still can make high-end alcohol in a single run as it re-distills the liquor many times with the column before it takes off by the condenser. If you are seeking to produce a good quality of flavorless moonshine then 5” reflux column is a must buy the product. The modular still enable you to run different sections you want. This helps you to produce a wide assortment of liquid products. To avail maximum benefits of 5” reflux column, order it now!

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