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Alcohol Still for Sale – 20 Gallon Thumper made with 20 oz copper


Our hand-crafted 20 Gallon thumper is made with 20 oz 100% pure Copper. It is hand-rolled, assemble, precision cut and soldered properly, ensuring high-quality. The20 Gallon thumper makes your fermentation process easier than ever. It is easy to manage and operate and ensures amazing results. This 20 Gallon thumper is a great addition to a 20-gallon alcohol still. It provides a higher proof of the first process and also adds back missing flavor at the time of first home distillation process from the pot.

The 20 Gallon thumper comes with ferrule locking tri-clamp, stainless sanitary end cap, and a gasket. You can manage yours whiskey still with the temperature gauge positioned at the vapor line. The copper pipe knocked out helps in plumbing your alcohol still. It is lead-free solder and revere copper and silver-based thumper for making still. For measuring temperature, it has ½” coil tubing and thermometer on the top.

With 20 Gallon capacity, the thumper pipes are soldered in fill port end cap which is included in the kit. The inlet of the thumper runs all the way to the lowest and then cut to an angle with channels cut into it, providing utmost efficiency. The outlet barely protrudes into the thump keg top enabling to escape with ease and keeping minimum pressure. For the most efficient alcohol still, this gallon thumper is a mustbuy!

Alcohol Distiller for Sale – 20 Gallon Worm made with 20 oz copper


If you are looking to make alcohol or any distilled liquid, 20 Gallon worm can help. Made of 20 oz copper and with 20 ft of ½” copper coil, this barrel or crate helps in creating a perfect alcohol still. The copper tube is coiled up to stand about 2 feet high and fits perfectly inside a barrel. It allows water to condense the steam that passes through it from the still.

The gallon worms help in making alcohol more potent, by allowing to steam some gallons of alcohol into the keg, so its vapor goes into worm box. Moreover, it can easily carry 20 gallons of liquid. The weight of the worm is 20lbs and dimensions are 22 x 22 x36 inches. Just fill it with the mash and seal its cap properly using black electrical tape for a robust and clean seal. The components of the still are designed to be used on propane stand burner and its components do not require any straight configuration.

The whiskey still with worm is completely tested and leak-proof. As the worm is completely hand-crafted, it lasts for long. Undoubtedly, it makes an amazing adding to your craft distillers showcase. Buy 20 Gallon worm made from 99.9% copper and create to last a thump tank or condensation trap for right alcohol still. Available for sale, order now!

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