Alcohol Distilling Equipment – The knucklehead” Our 120 Gallon Electric Micro Distillery

Alcohol Still – The knucklehead” Our 120 Gallon Electric Micro Distillery

Presenting the knucklehead 120 Gallon electric micro distillery for easy brewing. This affordable and easy to use copper distillery equipment is highly functional and used to construct any Moonshine still. It consists of worm made with 100% 20 oz copper and ½ “copper coil, which removes all the sulfides produced at the time of distilling process. It has a thermometer and drains plug on the top to analyze the temperature properly.

With its robust EZ clamp, you don’t need floor/water paste to seal the pot’s cap, as clamp offers it complete sealing. The mash transfer pump makes brewing easier than ever. Made with 32-ounce copper, the Vengeance 120 Gallon Micro Home Distillery is silver soldered and riveted that makes it durable. You can upgrade the EZ clamp up to 8 inches.
The knucklehead 120 Gallon electric home micro-distillery is the most demanding distiller for their alcohol stills. It offers high-efficiency burner system that saves money, especially when using propane. You can also custom engrave the pot with your company logo or name (up to 30 characters).

The electric micro home distillery comes with heavy duty 2” drain valve, moonshine mash transfer pump, and 22KW 220 Walt controller. If you are looking to produce over 30 gallons in a single run, then buy this amazing electric micro-distillery. This is a heavy duty electric micro distiller with knucklehead that is perfect for creating an alcohol still. Buy now!

Home Distilling – 22,000-watt Quad Element Variable Power Controller for Electric Stills

Looking for power controller to create electric Moonshine still? Our 22,000-watt Quad Element variable power controller is the right option. Designed keeping the needs of brewers in Mind, this controller is made for creating Moonshine still under right temperature. This heating system is perfect for 100 gallons to 150 Gallons of boilers. Ready to be hardwired in conduit, this controller is built to last.

It includes four 5500-watt heating elements and 2 inches ferrule with terminal protection housing for 4 heating elements. The connections of Variable power control are crimped and soldered. It can control 5500-watt heaters on its switches individually, giving you utmost control as two switches are variable output and two switches are manual.
With its internal cooling fans, it makes the process much easier. The 22,000-watt Quad Element variable power controller for Moonlight also includes commercial 220 volts 4 inches fan to control climate, power wire for elements, 1000 Amp disconnect switch that trips all legs. The controller also has a green indicator light that helps you to know everything is properly powered up. The size of the box is 12” by 12” along with a 3R NEMA rating and weight of 10lbs. To operate this variable power controller, you just need 240-volt power and 100 Amp circuit. Buy today and start creating your own Moonshine still.

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