At-Home and Simple Mountain Dew Whiskey Recipes


In creating “Mountain Dew” or “White Lightning’” the first move is to convert the starch of the grain to sugar.  This is done by “sprouting” the corn. Shelled, whole corn is covered with warm water in a container with a hole in the bottom. Place a hot cloth over it. Add warm water as it drains. Keep warm for about 3 days or until corn has two in. sprouts. Dry it and grind it into meal. Make mush (or mash) with boiled water. Add rye mash that has been created the same way. Yeast (ten bags per fifty gallons of mash) can be added to speed fermentation if you have it. Without it, ten+ days are needed instead of about five. It must be kept warm. When the mash gets through “working” or bubbling up and settles down, it’s ready to run. At this point, the mash has been made into carbonic acid and alcohol. It is called “wash” or beer and it is sour.

simple and easy at home whiskey mash recipe