After many request, we are now offering Self Build Kits for the adventurous enthusiast. A link to a set of YouTube videos will be emailed to you after purchase. The videos show you how to complete the entire process. Normal build times for the novice will be around 2-3 hours.

Kit Comes with:

1) Plasma CNC pre-cut copper parts

2) Slipped and bead rolled body

3) Slip rolled and soldered cone

4) 1 roll of lead free silver solder

5) Flux

6) 1.5″ flux brush

7) 2 clamps

What you will need to provide:

1) Propane torch

2) Pliers

3) Some patience and a few beers


Learn how to make moonshine using our easy self-build moonshine still kits! We offer moonshine stills for sale and moonshine still parts.

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