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10 GAL

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20 GAL

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40 GAL

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70 GAL

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120 GAL

Vengeance Stills is proud to offer the ONLY Essential Oil Still hand crafted right here in the USA – Click on the pic for info
Custom built 35 gallon still setup for Mark and Digger for the Moonshiners Show on Discovery Channel

Vengeance Stills – Moonshine Still Parts for Sale


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ALL OF OUR Copper Stills, Essential Oil Stills and Moonshine Still Products are


We take the necessary time to ensure our copper moonshine stills, essential oil stills and copper whiskey stills are the best possible quality, while being produced in a timely matter.

copper moonshine still whiskey still for sale

Coppers molecular structure is almost designed for distillation.

It bonds with sulfur and keeps the pungent taste out of your end product. Also copper is the 3rd best conductor known to man, behind gold and silver. In no way is stainless better than copper!

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We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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We also have super fast shipping!

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We are currently experiencing higher volume than normal and because we build to order, our shipping times have increased to around 5-7 days after cleared payment. Custom Orders that require welding may be a couple of weeks to ship, we don’t want to rush the process.

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In the process of distilling, sulfur (which has an extremely foul smell and taste) coming from the fermentation of yeast binds itself to the copper, producing hydrogen-sulfide, which in turn forms copper sulfate. The copper sulfate sticks to the inside of the still after distillation is completed. All of our stills are made with 100% Copper and lead free silver solder. Each still is also leak and pressure tested twice during the building process, to GUARANTEE a safe product so you can learn how to make moonshine at home.
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